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Technical description

CVRS is a a web application to ​​setup and manage vaccination sites​​. It allows pre-registration and on-site registration of patients for vaccination​​. CVRS helps to communicate demographic and immunization information of patients in HL7 format securely with State Health Department​​. It is capable of parsing HL7 files and generating HL7 files . CVRS is designed with an objective for effective and efficient vaccination process and ensure proirity-based vaccination. It helps to provide reliable record of vaccination data and aids in proper management of multiple vaccination site.

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Immunization Details

You can also manage the immunization details of a patient and keep track of when was the vaccination encountered for the patient. 

Manage Vaccination Sites

CVRS allows you to set up vaccination site and manage the same. Site routines can be further scheduled for vaccination sites. 

Patient Registration

Patients can pre-register for vaccination appointments lowering the risk of vaccine doses or preventing conflicting dates. Also, patients can register for vaccine on the site. 

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