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Technical description

A calendar reflects the richness and growth of human civilization. Each calendar to date carries a historical and cultural significance and provides a peek into the mathematical and astronomical genius behind it. Nepal Samvat calendar is a lunisolar calendar that has been in use in Nepal since 879 AD. Almost all festivals and culturally significant events in the country are celebrated using this calendar.

Nepal Samvat is a mobile application that allows you to look at any year, month or day in Nepal Samvat style. It maintains track of everything and makes sure that you don't miss out on important events. You can view all important festivals and events on the NS calendar. Both iOS and Android smartphones are supported by the app.

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Daily Tithi Information

Details that human brain might not be able to retain, this app will do. Nepal Samvat keeps you updated with daily events like tithi, nakshatra, sunrise and moonrise time.

Language preference

Nepal Samvat allows you to pick your preferred language as it is compliant with Nepali, Nepal Bhasha or English.  

Calendar view

Nepal Samvat helps you in keeping yourself updated with the festivals and events of the current month.

Covert Dates

You can easily convert dates from NS to BS, BS to AD, and NS to AD, as well as the specifics of the converted date. 

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