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Spiralogics Reporting Tool is a flagship product of Spiralogics. The company uses its strong business and technical skills to handle the generic reporting challenge in enterprise applications. This gets us to the exciting part: regardless of the platform or programming language used, we can integrate with existing and new web applications.

Spiralogics Reporting Tool (SRT) is a fully-managed integration service/tool for solving generic reporting problem on enterprise applications developed by Spiralogics, Inc. It is a stand-alone product developed by Spiralogics to help its users generate reports in tabular format and give various other report features such as sort, filter, aggregate and export. On integration, SRT nullifies rigorous deployment process and allows users to configure database and server connections easily through UI without any technical assistance. Further, SRT addresses report creation difficulties and allows users to create report through simple SQL queries. For creating or editing reports, SRT application generates the queries dynamically and is independent of static procedures. So, it does not require experts with knowledge of underlined properties of the application to create reports. Any admin user with good knowledge of SQL can directly write a query for the column and table name available on their database and generate report. 

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Interactive Reports

SRT reports allow reporting functions like sort, filter, and aggregate. To tune your data more, you can filter data with advanced filters using arithmetic and logical operators.

Export Reports

Reports can be exported in your preferred format. SRT allows reports to be exported in CSV, PDF, and excel format. 

Configure Connections

Without depending on any hard coded configurations or expertise, you can configure all your database and server connections with simple UI entries and clicks. 

Create Custom Reports

Organize your data and create tabular reports as per your preference with simple SQL queries. You can add aggregate functions, discard or hide columns and filters to your reports. 

Data Security

Connection setting, authentication, dynamic access function, JWT tokens and IP restrictors have been added for report access to prevent data breaches. 

Create Cross tab Reports

SRT allows you to create contingency tables or cross-tab reports to enable users to understand the correlation between multiple columns. 

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