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Technical description

Spiralogics ICD application is a lookup tool that offers a streamlined search UI for the most relevant search results in an attractive user interface. Spiralogics ICD Lookup system is dedicated exclusively to helping users look up ICD-10 codes and ICD-9 codes in a user-friendly manner. Spiralogics ICD application eases the search for ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes with different search features including search suggestion, fuzzy search, and stemming. It also provides a mechanism to rank the search results in order to provide the most suitable results to the users with the least amount of effort from the users. Related ICD codes are also grouped and formed into tree structures to ease the users to navigate through the list of codes and their descriptions. The application also provides an indication for the ICD codes, whether they are the cause of injury or any kind of excluded codes.

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ICD Conversion

You can easily convert codes from ‘ICD 9 to ICD 10’ and ‘ICD 10 to ICD 9’. For any ICD 9 or ICD 10 searches, corresponding ICD 10 or ICD 9 codes are also displayed respectively.  

Injury and Exclusion Indication

ICD diagnosis codes are indicated with labels such as 'Excluded', 'Cause of Injury' and 'No Fault' to help you find cause of injuries and types of exclusions for ICD diagnosis codes. 

Integrate Spiralogics ICD

Do you want to integrate ICD tool into your web app? Spiralogics ICD API Swagger has been made available to integrate with your web app that can be accessed by appending “/swagger”. 

Keyword Highlights

ICD eases you to find keywords at a glance through highlights. On entering keywords, the system also highlights the synonyms of the entered keyword on the search results page. 

Auto-suggest for Search

You can enter sub-string for the search keywords and the most relevant ICD codes along with their streamlined descriptions will be displayed under the search bar. 

Fuzzy Search

Worried about misspellings? Fuzzy search has been implemented to help you. When you enter a keyword, the system shows the most relevant results even when search terms are misspelled. 

ICD Code Groups

When you search for ICD code or any keyword, the relevant results are grouped and then branched into sub-categories (branches) and are displayed under the corresponding ICD code. 

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